QR codes from Findables reduce the need for traditional business cards

QR codes on iphone

Device cases for iPhones that display the barcodes make the information scannable. Startup online service, Findables, has just released its latest product, which consists of a smartphone case that features QR codes that can be scanned by other mobile devices in order to obtain a person’s business card information. The company has launched on IndieGoGo with cases for several different device models. These different models include the iPad, the iPhone 4S, and the Samsung Galaxy S III. It also intends to have a case for the iPhone 5 ready, shortly…

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QR codes help owners find lost possessions with the help of good Samaritans

QR Code Marketing

Digital lost and found brings people together with their missing belongings. Belon.gs has announced its new service based on QR codes that allows lost belongings that are labeled with personal barcodes to be scanned with smartphones so that they can be returned to their owners. The system is very simple and allows people who have found items to do good deeds. Whether the possessions are valuable because of their high price or for sentimental reasons, by using a label that features a scannable QR code, it increases the odds that…

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Italian QR code stickers bring watermelons into mobile commerce


This quick response barcode fruit label provides consumers with a wealth of information. Malvasi Agostino, an Italian fruit producer, is adding QR code stickers to its baby watermelons called Cuoredolce, in an effort to provide consumers with more information about the product and encourage them to make more informed decisions. These barcodes can be scanned with smartphones to discover more about the fruit. The company is based in Poggio Rusco, whichis located in the Mantova, Italy area and produces a number of different watermelon varieties. It is the Cuoredolce baby…

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NFC and QR codes to help mobile marketing grow to new heights

Mobile Marketing

  Interactive mobile marketing is becoming more important as consumers grow more mobile. Smart phones and other such devices have enabled people to enjoy a constant connection to the Internet no matter where they may be in the world. Because consumers are becoming less sedentary, static marketing may no longer be the best options for companies launching new marketing campaigns. Attention is being drawn to technologies like NFC and QR codes, but some companies believe that these are nothing more than a novelty. A new report from Smith’s Point Analytics,…

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Steely Eye Digital Media shows 23% of London advertisements not mobile optimized

QR Code Scanning

QR Code scanning stats in London QR codes are becoming a common sight throughout the London transportation system. The codes often accompany large advertisements. The codes adorn billboards as well as posters found in the subway network and have been relatively successful among tech-savvy consumers. It has been difficult for marketers to encourage consumers to scan QR codes with their mobile devices lately. While there seems to be no shortage of smart phones capable of scanning the codes, consumers have shown little to no interest in using them. In London,…

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