QR code spam threat rises as most device users remain fully unaware

QR code spam - Caution Spam

New research shows that 74 percent of internet users have no idea of the risks from quick response codes. Seventy four percent of internet users have absolutely no idea that QR code spam exists, according to a G.M.X. commissioned survey. This lack of awareness has occurred despite the fact that the problem is becoming worse. Security experts from G.M.X., a European email provider, has detected a stark rise in the amount of QR code spam. The survey was commissioned in order to better understand whether or not device users understand…

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Websense discovers malicious QR codes embedded in spam emails

QR Code Security

As QR codes grow in popularity with consumers, malicious codes are becoming much more common. These codes seem unassuming at first glance. Indeed, it is impossible to tell the difference between a legitimate QR code and one linked to harmful content with the naked eye. Even tech-savvy consumers have been having trouble discerning the true nature of some codes. The Websense ThreatSeeker Network, one of the world’s most advance web security networks from Websense Web Security, has found a number of new malicious QR codes that are being sent to…

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