App based on QR codes for real estate professionals launched

Realtors Use QR Codes for Marketing

WebsiteBox has put out a press release to announce its mobile application and tools for these pros. A recent announcement from technology company, WebsiteBox, has revealed that the company has now launched two new apps, one of which is based on QR codes, to help to complement the other tools that it has to offer for real estate professionals. One app uses quick response codes to help with unlimited tracking, so that marketing efforts can be monitored. The first app uses QR codes to be both created and tracked. These…

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QR codes added to park trees to identify species

QR codes on trees support learning

The quick response codes that are posted on the signs help with the identification of 24 different local species. Matthews Park now has a much more high-tech feature than it ever has before, as signage has now been added to some of the trees that include QR codes that can be scanned in order to learn more about 24 local species that are represented within the space. The hope is that by allowing people to scan the quick response codes, they will become more interested. According to Ron Muller who…

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Should political campaign signage include QR codes?

QR Code Signs

As the penetration of smartphones in the United States approaches 50 percent, the debate as to whether or not QR codes should be included on campaign signs continues to progress. Among the largest errors that can be made in the design of a campaign sign displayed on a lawn is to include too much content. This is because the average individual passing the sign will only spend a couple of seconds glancing at it. This makes QR codes an opportunity to offer additional information about the campaign, without taking up…

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EMS Internet launches new campaign to promote use of QR codes

QR Code Marketing

EMS Internet, a marketing and web design company based in the UK, has launched a new initiative that aims to promote awareness of QR codes amongst consumers. In the past, the company had erected large QR codes around its office building. Now, the codes will go mobile, as they will be attached to a pickup truck. The company hopes that the code will attract attention and make people more familiar with the codes. The company is well versed in the use of QR codes so consumers will not have to…

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Design agency Theme Group are demonstrating their creative flair by making use of QR codes

QR Code Sign

The agency, based just outside Reading, Berkshire, frequently change the hanging sign to reflect upcoming holidays and topical events like the royal wedding or elections. But while previous signs have seen the clever use of image and typography to convey the message, this year will see something a little different with a visual homage to the pixel art movement combined with the recent rise of QR code technology. Each image displayed within the sign throughout the year will be made up of large pixels, which on closer inspection are actually…

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