QR codes help visitors to London 2012 Olympic games to enjoy the sites

Turkish Airlines QR Code

Turkish Airlines is holding a scavenger hunt throughout the city. Turkish Airlines has launched a scavenger hunt London wide, which uses QR codes through a campaign designed by McCann Istanbul and that coincides with the Olympic Games in the city this year. Smartphone users are encouraged to look for the country flags throughout the city. The national flags of countries participating in the Olympics are posted in various locations throughout the city, featuring QR codes on digital boards. There are hundreds of different places throughout the city that have the…

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QR code scavenger hunt helps visitors better explore Dallas

QR codes learning

New program helps visitors to learn more about the city. Dallas has gone mobile in its efforts to draw tourists off the beaten path by adding a QR code scavenger hunt to its city experience, allowing them to explore areas that they would not otherwise see. Encouraging visitors away from the standard tourist attractions has always presented a challenge. Now that many tourists have something important in common – smartphones – it has presented urban centers with a tremendous opportunity to communicate with them. Dallas, for one, is not about…

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Efforts to find a lost historical artifact are aided by QR codes

laFayette Campus

A valuable artifact went missing this week from the Lafayette College in Pennsylvania. The artifact is none other than the sword of Gilbert du Motier, marquis de Lafayette, a renowned French general whose service help solidify the United States as an independent nation. The sword has resided within the halls of the college for several decades, but went missing on Tuesday. What happened to the sword is not yet known, but there are a number of QR codes offering up clues. The Skillman and Kirby library at the college is…

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Mercedes-Benz prepares to launch interactive contest to mark their 125th birthday

Mercedes QR Codes Campaign

This year marks the 125th birthday of Mercedes-Benz. Through the year, the famed automaker has developed some of the most prized vehicles in the world and has built up an almost immaculate reputation. Known for their extravagance and penchant for showing off their latest development, Mercedes-Benz will be celebrating the occasion with an interactive event. The event is called Mercedes-Benz 125! and is a race that challenges participants to find as many QR codes as they can. The race will take place in Singapore, were 5 Mercedes-Benz vehicles have been…

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AT&T adopts conventional QR codes, pushes their own proprietary codes aside

AT&T mobile security technology news

Proprietary datamatrix codes can be very alluring for big businesses. Such codes allow for a certain level of exclusivity among consumers and advertisers. Most companies investing in proprietary codes often develop their own code scanning application for mobile devices, as the codes cannot be deciphered any other way. AT&T has been an advocate of proprietary mobile barcodes for just over a year now, and the company is beginning to see the problem with their approach to mobile marketing. In the world of mobile marketing, QR codes reign supreme. This is…

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