New app uses QR codes to help consumers save on bills

QR codes mobile billing

The mobile application has been designed to scan energy bills in case a cheaper supplier is available. Following new government regulations in the United Kingdom, energy suppliers are now required to print QR codes at the top of every utility bill that they send to consumers, and with the use of that barcode, a mobile app will give consumers the ability to compare suppliers for better prices. The mobile app has been designed to instantly compare the prices that suppliers would offer a specific consumer. Though changing energy suppliers had…

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QR codes and NFC technology used in Ralph Lauren displays at Harrods

Harrods London QR codes nfc technology

The brand has taken over a massive 15 window display at the London location of the luxury department store. Ralph Lauren has taken a mobile marketing approach to the displays that it has added to 15 windows at Harrods in London, using both NFC technology and QR codes in the form of stickers that will allow pedestrians to scan or tap to learn more. These two mobile marketing elements have been provided through Proxama, a specialist in proximity commerce. A statement released by Proxama explained that “Each window is displaying…

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QR codes can be used to connect shoppers with live chat agents

qr code stickers scan

Now, shopping in store can provide consumers with the same real time support as they would receive online. TouchCommerce, an online engagement solutions provider, has now unveiled its new TouchStore service, which takes advantage of the use of QR codes to give shoppers in retail stores and who have smartphones the opportunity to be able communicate with live chat agents who can provide additional information about products and promotions. This is a novel use of quick response codes that blends the online and offline shopping experiences. Many leading executives in…

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QR codes and cloud storage are on their way to Mobile County schools

qr code enrollment at school and library

Classrooms in the area are going to be benefitting from a range of new technology options. In Alabama, the school system in Mobile County is now broadening its options for learning by way of technology by participating in miDevice, which is a Bring Your Own Device program that makes it possible for students to take advantage of QR codes and cloud storage. Kids will be able to access documents stored in the cloud in order to complete their homework assignments. At the moment, among the 89 different schools that are…

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10 Creative Ways to Use QR Codes for Marketing

qr code marketing

If you are not aware of what a QR code is then… it is a two dimensional barcode, also referred to as a “Quick Response Code”. The code can be scanned by a Smartphone camera for transferring the information directing onto your phone. QR codes can be used to redirect the user to a website, deliver a vCard and even make a phone call. You can also paste the QR codes at different places, for instance, if the QR codes are applied on the Dell Vouchers, people will get the…

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