Are QR codes effective mobile commerce tools?

QR Codes trends statistics

QR codes are more than marketing tools QR codes are nothing new. The codes have been around for several years and have primarily been used in the marketing sector. Advertisers in Japan initially stumbled upon the engagement potential of the codes after seeing how they were being put to use as inventory tracking tools by their creator, Denso Wave. While the codes have become synonymous with marketing, especially that of the mobile variety, they are much more than advertising gimmicks, and this fact is becoming better understood as more companies…

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Department of Health and Human services adopts QR codes for AIDS initiative

QR Code Campaign

The federal Department of Health and Human Services has begun to use QR codes as a way to raise awareness of AIDS. The agency will be using the codes with the new website where a wealth of information can be found regarding the issue. QR codes are most often seen as part of marketing campaigns aimed at grabbing the attention of mobile, tech-savvy consumers. Indeed, the codes are begging to show up just about everywhere in the U.S. whether people know what they are or not. The agency is…

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