QR code error overcrowds ANA plane, bringing transport ministry warning

plane airline mobile technology qr code error

All Nippon Airways Co found itself in hot water after nearly taking off with a seat-less passenger. All Nippon Airways has received a serious warning following a QR code error. A mistaken misuse of a quick response code allowed too many people to board a plane. Even with too many people aboard, the plane pushed back for takeoff with the extra passenger standing in the aisle. The Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism issued a severe warning to the airline. The incident occurred when a QR code error was…

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QR code problems in egg packages that aren’t scannable

qr code problems eggs food nutrition

A survey of customers revealed that most of the quick response codes weren’t working when scanned. A survey of egg crates and their labels have shown that there are quite a few QR code problems on the packages. The Consumers’ Federation announced that the nutrition facts on the egg packages in Taiwan were not visible. Moreover, the quick response codes that were supposed to replace them aren’t working. The QR codes were supposed to provide consumers with information when it was not on the actual label. The Consumers’ Federation identified…

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QR codes for Bitcoin exchanges can be impacted by screen brightness

qr code standard mobile payments

Certain quirks occurring in various devices can make it more challenging to use the cryptocurrency. As convenient as Bitcoin QR codes may be, this is among the small number of areas in which there can be a similar challenge to face when compared with the use of traditional forms of banking, as some small quirks can make things somewhat difficult. For example, the brightness of a device screen can make it hard or even impossible to scan quick response codes. When QR codes are provided in order to be able…

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