New app tries to make QR codes safer to scan

qr codes security

The Kapersky scanner application has been designed to add another layer of protection for smartphone users. As QR codes have become commonplace in advertising, packaging, and a number of other uses, they have attracted the attention of people who would use them for malicious purposes, as seems to be the case of virtually every other kind of technology that is increasing in use. The struggle presented by quick response codes is that scanning takes the user to an unidentified URL. The traditional scanning app for QR codes doesn’t reveal the…

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QR codes use at Trinity College teach an online privacy lesson

QR Codes and mobile Security

A mysterious quick response code was displayed at various places throughout the University campus. Over the short while, QR codes have been posted at a number of different spots across the campus of Trinity College, Dublin, as a type of projection that has left students, staff, and faculty members wondering where it could lead and who was behind it. When scanned, these quick response codes led to a website requesting the device user’s personal details. Over a short period of time, the QR codes were scanned more than 100 times,…

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QR Codes, Big Data and Consumer Backlash

qr codes scan

QR Codes, Big Data and Consumer Backlash There is nowhere to hide. Cameras are everywhere and they are focused on you. As you shop for tighty whities, run that red light, or take out some cash at the ATM, you are being watched. And, yes, Google Earth is tracking your home at this very moment. But you’d be surprised at who else is monitoring your movements–and how. Admittedly, we have become accustomed to anti-theft surveillance equipment keeping tabs on us in retail outlets. After all, shoplifting impacts all of us…

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