QR codes could be threatened by up and coming technologies

QR codes in Mobile commerce Magazine Ads

If the barcodes aren’t used properly, their use may turn out to be nothing more than a fad. At the moment, QR codes are used practically everywhere, from mobile marketing to ticket purchasing and everything in between, but with so many new technologies on their way in, these barcodes could be at risk if users are not careful. Companies need to make sure that the barcodes are used strategically for engaging consumers. Along with the popularity of QR codes has come a swath of weak and irrelevant campaigns that have…

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Some are still not sure how and what is a QR code


Though the barcodes are everywhere in mcommerce, their usage instructions isn’t. This is leaving many consumers wondering what is the point, what is a QR code and what do I do with it? Brands, companies, and marketers are moving into mcommerce with leaps and bounds and are employing QR codes as a vital part of that process, many smartphone using consumers are left wondering how these mysterious looking black and white squares are used. Though the barcodes are drawing interest, there is still a learning curve to consider. As important as…

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QR codes increase by 107 percent in magazines with skyrocketing mcommerce

QR codes learning

Barcodes are now present on 10 percent of all print ads of this nature. Print is currently a struggling medium in terms of advertising, but with a simple technique such as QR codes to bridge the gap between it and the digital environment, it is beginning to see vast improvements. As newsstand sales plummet, so have ad pages, causing magazines and advertisers to struggle. This has made it especially important to leverage QR codes and other similar mcommerce technologies, through aggressive strategies that bring paper and digital together. According to…

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Scanbuy report shows that QR codes are growing in popularity

QR Code Scanning Statistics

Mobile marketing gaining a strong foothold with consumers Scanning QR codes is becoming more popular amongst consumers throughout the world. The codes are often considered an ideal tool to reach out to those with mobile devices, such as smart phones and tablets. Indeed, the codes have been a powerful boon for the mobile marketing industry, which has seen a great deal of progress in recent years due to how QR codes are being used. Many consumers are still unfamiliar with the codes despite how often they are being used. This…

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NM Incite studies the increasing discussions concerning QR codes online

QR Codes shopping for men

Social media intelligence firm NM Incite has taken an interest in QR codes. Though QR codes are nothing new, having been developed more than a decade ago, they have only recently been getting more attention from marketers. This attention shot QR codes into the limelight, and consumers around the world have been encouraged to make use of the codes in some way. Because the codes are so easy to use, they have a wide appeal to several industries. The codes have become very popular with businesses, but NM Incite claims…

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