Amazon’s Ring unveils new QR code pet tracker

QR code - Pet Tag

The doorbell camera brand has expanded its surveillance tech into furry family members. Amazon’s Ring might be best known for providing consumer-grade surveillance technology and doorbell cameras, but it has recently announced that it is expanding into QR code tags that will help lost pets to find their way home again. The Ring Pet Tag is meant to make it easy for people to identify a found animal that has wandered off. The technology isn’t all that revolutionary, as it consists of a QR code on a tag that allows…

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Pet ID tags with a QR code help to identify missing animals

Lost Dog qr codes

A lost dog can be more easily found with smartphone technology. PetHub has announced the release of a new type of ID tag for pets that feature a QR code that will help the owners of a lost dog or cat to find their furry friends. The two dimensional barcode is very easy to use by anyone with a smartphone, and it will direct that individual to a personalized webpage that features the owner’s contact information as well as vital data about the pet. Individuals or organizations that find a…

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