QR codes to be used for medical history tracking for marathons

marathon run qr codes

The Cellcom Green Bay full and half marathons will use quick response codes for emergency data. With only just over a month to go before the Cellcom Green Bay full and half marathons are set to begin, participants for this year’s event are now receiving emails that request information about their medical history, and this will be incorporated into QR codes to make them readily accessible when the day does arrive. This use of quick response codes is meant to make it easier for emergency responders to access medical information.…

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QR code mobile payments system patent received by SEKUR.me

mobile payments - QR codes

This has now become the only American patented product with quick response code based transaction checkouts. A mobile payments startup from Santa Ana, California, called SEKUR.me, has just announced that it has received US patent 8,677,116 for their secure transaction that uses a QR code in combination with sound and radio waves and push messages, as well as for secure logins. The company’s mobile payments system uses the barcodes for the checkout and transaction process. It is a system for one click mobile web payments that is designed specifically for…

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QR codes help to tell the history of the historical buildings of Dalian

Smartphone scanning QR codes

Quick response codes help to provide smartphone users with more information on the region. Dalian, a port city located in the northeastern part of China, has a long and complex history with influences from other cultures and countries that have contributed to much of the events and architecture of the region, and now these stories are available through QR codes. These quick response codes are available on a number of the historical buildings in the city. Now, many of the historical buildings in Dalian feature boards with QR codes that…

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QR Codes And Gamification

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QR Codes And Gamification There was a time in the past when games were synonymous with kid stuff, an immature pursuit, something not indulged in by grown-ups. “Do you think I’m playing games here?” was a rhetorical question thrown at someone who was apparently not taking something as seriously as they should. Games and QR codes are a sound marketing strategy when merged together But that was then, this is now. Games are a big part of today’s culture as the Age of the Geek continues its mighty rule. Consequently,…

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QR codes likely to be found on UK energy bills very soon

QR codes mobile billing

Ed Davey is placing the pressure on suppliers to add these quick response codes to invoices. The U.K. secretary of energy, Ed Davey, has been placing pressure on energy companies to add QR codes to the bills that they send out to their customers, to provide them with quick and easy access to their usage information as well as other helpful data. A simple quick response code scan could show a customer how much gas and electricity they have used. Scanning the QR codes can also help consumers to be…

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