QR codes successfully implemented by small unique beer company

Beer Bottle QR codes

The owner of 50 Back Brewing Company has launched a highly successful mobile campaign. Though Kimberly Rogers, the owner of 50 Back Brewing Company, generated free QR codes for her company a year ago, it wasn’t until just recently that she discovered how to best implement them for her business needs. Rogers was able to develop a massive mobile marketing campaign that was highly popular. After first reading about QR codes in a marketing blog, Rogers though that the technology looked “neat” and that “We should get one.” She felt…

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NFC World Alliance combines the world’s leading technology firms to expand the reach of NFC

Augmented reality mobile marketing

NFC technology is becoming the cornerstone of mobile commerce. As the champion of the emerging industry, NFC technology has been attracting a great deal of attention all over the world as companies scramble to etch out their claim in an industry whose value ranks in the billions of dollars. As more companies begin to enter the field, those that have been in the industry for several years are taking note of growing competition. Now, three of the world’s leading NFC specialists are coming together to form a new coalition that…

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Newspaper QR code sends readers to free app

The Orange County Register has begun including QR codes in issues of their newspaper. The codes are being used to offer readers more dynamic experience. An increasing number of publications have begun using the codes to bridge the gap between offline and online media. Newspapers in particular have been offering exclusive video content, letting readers watch interviews of commentaries without interrupting their reading experience. Print media has been struggling to find a foothold with an audience that has become increasingly dependent on technology. The public now has access to all…

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