QR codes from IMI provide immediate information to consumers

QR Code Analytics

The barcodes displayed on ads offer faster, direct access to product info. Industrial Magnetics, Inc. (IMI) has unveiled its new product advertisements featuring QR codes that allow smartphone using consumers to rapidly obtain additional information about the company’s products by way of its website. The quick response barcodes are compatible with any smartphone or tablet device. By scanning the QR codes in the IMI ads, consumers are automatically directed to the relevant product page on the company website. It eliminates the need for the individual to have to type the…

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New devices use mobile commerce environment to change the dining out environment

mobile marketing on tablets

The restaurant world is going virtual with everything from iPads to the SmartBox. Mobile commerce is working its way into brick and mortar shops, including restaurants, where servers and wait staff are starting to toss their paper notepads in favor of tablets and virtual options where smartphones can be used to pay the bill. Just as computers have become a vital part of today’s restaurants, mobile commerce will be critical tomorrow. These devices are helping to make restaurant experiences more profitable, efficient, consistent, and more convenient and enjoyable for the…

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New form of QR code boosts mobile commerce through instructional encouragement to scan

QR Codes shopping for men

  Survey says…half of mobile campaigns have implemented a QR code. Scanbuy.com data has indicated that half of all marketers have already implemented QR codes as an element of their overall mobile marketing, and an additional 86 percent intend to incorporate it into their mobile commerce efforts in the future, making it clear that these barcodes are growing in popularity. The question that remains is whether or not it will have the desired impact on consumers and whether or not they will actually use them. Though the awareness of QR codes,…

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