QR codes app from ScanLife makes sharing easier

ScanLife Holiday QR Codes Contest

A new integrated application gives users the opportunity to “like” their favorite barcode scans. A brand new version of the ScanLife app has been released just in time for the start of the holiday shopping season, allowing smartphone and tablet users to “like” certain barcode scans and instantly create wish lists on their favorite social networks, such as Facebook and Twitter. The goal is to make it easier to discover the very best barcodes and the products associated with them. This new feature is only one of a series that…

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QR codes are important mobile commerce and marketing time savers

QR Codes Marketing for mobile shoppers

Scanning barcodes makes communication, engagement, and shopping faster and easier. Those little smartphone barcodes called QR codes are grabbing a great deal of attention from companies, marketers, and consumers alike, and while some people love them and others hate them, what can be said almost universally is that they have the potential to save a lot of time. These black and quite squares are popping up virtually everywhere, these days. They are commonly found on billboards, bulletin boards, business cards, bills and invoices, catalogs, magazines and newspapers, and product packages.…

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QR codes help to bring customers back for more

qr codes scanning

Repeat mobile commerce purchases are more likely with barcodes as encouragement. Merchants taking part in mobile commerce are always seeking sales, but it is the repeat customer that is the primary goal, and QR codes are proving effective in generating them. These simple two dimensional barcodes appear to convince customers to make additional orders. When a quick response barcode application is present on an individual’s smartphone, he or she has a greater likelihood of using quick response codes to make purchases. If the process is direct and simple, then the…

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QR code technology from QRwave makes significant impact on mobile commerce

QR Code inventory system

B2B is benefiting from the boost that this gives to the ordering process. QRwave is making a splash in the streamlining of the B2B ordering process by using its QR code technology in a combination of web service and a mobile commerce app. This allows authorized employees to place orders simply by scanning a barcode for the desired item. The mobile commerce QR code app is able to communicate with the existing ordering systems for user authentication, access to custom pricing, shipping and handling charges, and submitting orders to be…

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QR codes can be highly practical when you know how to use them

QR codes in mobile commerce

Though marketers continually debate their value, these barcodes can be very useful. This year has seen a massive use of QR codes by marketers, but consumers have been slow to catch on to what these digital barcodes are and how they can be used. While some say the technology’s time is up, others say it is just about to take off. The reason that there are so many marketers, brands, and companies still hanging on to the hope that QR codes will soon become commonly used among consumers, is that…

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