HarvestMark QR code allows companies to view key customer insights

HarvestMark QR code - Packaged strawberries

HarvestMark has developed a tool that allows food companies to improve customer satisfaction. By applying a unique HarvesMark QR code to their products, food companies can gain insights into their customers, including where and why they purchased the food item as well as how they chose to consume it. QR codes can provide companies with benefits including traceability and brand awareness. Improving customer satisfaction is important for companies that want to succeed and drive their business forward. Quick response (QR) codes applied to the products they sell can be beneficial…

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Rooftop QR codes may soon be the craze thanks to unassuming Google Maps

Downtown Los Angeles Google Earth

Rooftop QR codes seem to be counterintuitive as no one will ever see them. Such codes would have to be massive in order to be scanned from the air, making rooftop codes unappealing to companies with limited roof space. An advertising firm based in Austin, Texas, however, thinks that rooftop codes are quite clever and has begun offering to plaster the codes on the roofs of their clients. The firm notes that these codes could, in fact, be very useful thanks to a piece of novelty technology from Google. Google…

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