National Car Rental announces QR code offers for Emerald Club Executive members

Car NFC technology key

Leading business travel car rental company, National Car Rental, has announced that its Emerald Club Executive Elite members now have an exclusive offer for a 2012 Toyota Avalon sedan, through the use of a QR code decal. There are 5,000 of these vehicles which are now available for those members to rent from 25 airport locations from now through August 2012. This new program underscores the commitment that National has made to offering frequent business customers premium vehicles. The Emerald Club at National Car Rental, is the first frequent renter…

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American Medical ID incorporates QR codes to help with mobile commerce

Mobile Website for American Medical ID

American Medical ID, a company specializing in customized medical identification jewelry, has launched a new mobile commerce site that enables consumers to purchase items like medical bracelets from their mobile device. Traditionally, these items could not be purchased except from a desktop or laptop. Now, however, these products can be ordered as soon as a condition has been diagnosed. The company is promoting this new service with QR coded mailings. The new mobile site showcases the company’s full catalogue of products, which can be viewed from any mobile device capable…

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Survey shows QR code adoption slow amongst consumers

QR Code

Lab42, a market research firm, has released a new study regarding QR codes. The recent rise to fame QR codes have experience is largely due to the overwhelming number of people who own smart phones. Indeed, the codes have become quite popular for information and coupon distribution. According to the survey, however, the majority of consumers have no idea what a QR code is. Despite the fact that more companies are making use of the codes, they may not be the heralds of a marketing revolution they were once believed…

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A QR code never looked so good!

QR Code Contest Freya

The world of mobile marketing is getting a little more exciting as Freya, UK based makers of lingerie, unveils their new outdoor marketing campaign. The outdoor campaign was developed by Rees Bradley Hepburn, a prominent advertising agency in the UK. The agency has had success with using QR codes in the past and opted to use the barcodes in Freya’s campaign, believing that the interactivity of the codes will make the campaign more engaging. Freya is yet another British company that has adopted the use of QR codes as smart…

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QR code services available for real estate agents

RealBird Inc., a provider of electronic marketing resources for real estate industry professionals, has announced the release of their mobile website designed specifically for real estate agents is now available for use. The website will allow potential buyers to browse property listings via their smart phones. Buyers can also set up appointments for tours and sign up for regular updates from agents. The site will be able to be accessed by scanning QR codes that will be available on property signage and flyers. “Mobile websites and QR codes have now joined…

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