QR codes provide Russian literature to Moscow metro riders

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A new program has been launched to offer access to over 100 works to commuters with smartphones and tablets. Commuters who carry smartphones and tablets with them as they ride the Moscow metro system now have a new opportunity available to them, and all they need to do is use their devices to scan QR codes in order to obtain it. This quick response code based program offers access to an extensive and free virtual library service. The program has already been launched and it involves the display of more…

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QR codes make school library fun

QR Codes Used in poetry and books

Students attending Northeast Elementary can scan codes to listen to book summaries Students attending Northeast Elementary School can now scan QR codes to build a better connection with their library, and experience the fun behind some of its services. The mobile program encourages barcode scanning to learn more about available books. The QR codes that are placed on the books in the library give the kids the chance to scan and then listen to information about what is found within its pages. The fifth grade students have been tasked with…

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