QR code labels help two Dutch coffee shops share cannabis product lab results

qr code labels marajuana cannabis

The quick response codes have been applied on each of the relevant products sold in the shops. Two coffee shops in the Netherlands are using QR code labels to provide their customers with important information. These shops sell cannabis, a practice that is perfectly legal in the country. That said, consumers have found it challenging to obtain quality and accurate information about these products. The two coffee shops are now making it easy for those shoppers to scan and learn what they need to know. The QR codes are openly…

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QR codes take center stage on new fruit labels

qr codes watermelon fruit

Itaueira Farms has now unveiled its new labeling and its larger fruit will include quick response codes. Itaueira Farms, a Brazilian melon grower, has now unveiled a brand new label to add to its premium large fruits, including melons, and this new version includes QR codes that will make it easier for consumers to be able to learn about the history of the specific produce they’re purchasing and to obtain some helpful tips. The quick response codes can be scanned with a smartphone to trace the fruit back to its…

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QR codes to be added to Syracuse University dining halls

QR codes in the food industry

This will allow students to scan the quick response codes in order to learn more about the nutrition of their meals. Syracuse University has now announced the addition of QR codes to its dining halls, which will make it possible for people to scan using smartphones and tablets and gain access to the nutritional information associated with the food items being served. The quick response codes were added earlier in the semester and can be found on every entrée label. The use of the QR codes for this purpose was…

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QR codes are placed under the spotlight by Columbia Marketing

QR code tracing fruit

Quick response codes are being applauded by marketers on an increasing basis, due to cost effectiveness. When it comes to use as a part of a mobile marketing strategy, QR codes have had a rough start, as marketers have struggled to be able to determine how exactly to get the most out of this very inexpensive method of adding virtually limitless digital content to print ads and product packaging. While many companies have seen considerable success with their barcodes, these results are inconsistent. The appeal for QR codes is considerable,…

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QR Code Detective: Is your product tracking useful to consumers?

qr code banana ambassador fruit

Many companies are discovering that quick response codes can help to provide transparency that customers appreciate. The QR code was originally created in order to be able to improve the ability to trace individual products within factories and plants, and businesses have been discovering that this ability to track their products throughout their lifetimes is not only appealing to them, but it could also be very attractive for customers. By being able to scan a quick response code to learn about a product, a company can add considerable transparency. While…

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