QR code security update needed, says Quick Response code creator

QR code security - Smartphone with QR code

Japanese engineer, Masahiro Hara, vows to strengthen the safety of the system. Hara, the creator of the 2D code, says that improved QR code security is needed since it has become so popular and is now being widely used as he hadn’t expected for various applications all over the globe. Now that it is a worldwide multipurpose application utilized in a variety of fields, including cashless payments via smartphones, Hara wants to strengthen the safety of the system. The QR Code is celebrating its 25th anniversary in 2019. The quick…

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The proof is in the growth!

A recent update to the Global Growth in Barcode Usage shows that the frequency of use for barcodes has risen by 126% over a two month period. The report shows strong growth in Norway, with growth ranking in at 87%. Sweden has experienced a 65% increase in use. The highest rate of growth was experience in the U.S. with usage rising by 126.1% over two months. The report shows that worldwide usage has increased by 10%. Many analysts are speculating that 2011 will be the year in which QR codes…

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