Small tea growers receive QR code identification card to verify identity


The first wave of cards have been issued to Assam members of the Tea Board of India. The Tea Board of India has started issuing new QR code identification cards to its Assam small tea growers. The first group of growers now have their cards in the Bongaigaon District in an event held by the board’s executive director. Members of the small tea growers tea association in that region received the first batch of I.D. cards. Identification systems among the small tea growers in the Assam state of India has…

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QR code identification assigned to fishing boats

malaysia qr code identification

Certain Malaysian vessels will soon have their own unique quick response codes to help ID them. The waters off the coast of the Malaysian state of Sabah will soon feature fishing boats with QR code identification. The area is often seen as a kind of paradise when it comes to being able to fish for seafood. However, the local bounty has started to draw foreign fishermen who don’t have the right to be there. A common trend among fishermen from other countries is to paint fake Malaysian registration numbers on…

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ID products provide critical assistance in emergency situations

QR Codes Used for Medical

Emergency ID products, for example, a sticker or ID card from MyInfo911 can provide first responders and other medical care personnel with instant information in an emergency situation so that the individual can receive immediate and accurate assistance. Halloween night was an unfortunate reminder of potential dangers in everyday lives – such as the fact that there are 4.5 times more traffic accidents with pedestrians than usual on that night (according to the National Traffic Safety Administration). It doesn’t take a night of costumes and candy for dangers to put…

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