QR codes help tourists in New York to appreciate local history

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A newly created walking tour in Ogdensburg provides a wealth of information about historical sites. The city of Ogdensburg has joined a growing number of other locations that are using QR codes in a way that will help tourists to be able to get more out of what they have to offer and to learn more about the various historical sites than could ever be provided through physical signage. The use of the quick response codes is a complement to the new mobile app that has been released. The apps…

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QR codes enhance the Auschwitz visitor history lesson and experience

qr codes auschwitz

The quick response codes have been added to the former concentration camp at Auschwitz-Birkenau. The experience that visitors undergo when they visit the site of the former concentration camp at Auschwitz-Birkenau has always been a powerful one, and now QR codes have been added to signage to help to enhance the historical information that is available. Quick response codes make it possible to boost the amount of information and language options from signs. Visitors touring the memorial site will now be able to use their smartphones and tablets to scan…

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QR codes used to help smartphone users learn about Nobel Prize winners

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A newly designed smartphone friendly barcode project allows people to learn about the prizes in Chemistry. Thanks to a brand new project that is receiving considerable online attention, QR codes are being used to give consumers the ability to use their smartphones or tablets to gain instant information about people who have received the Nobel Prize. The project uses the barcodes to share 110 years of information regarding this top science award. The QR codes are printed on a new poster that, when scanned, provide device users with information about…

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QR codes tell the oral history of immigrants in Ruben Ubiera art

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A massive new piece by the artist features a barcode that can be scanned with any smartphone. Artist Ruben Ubiera has not only just closed a show at the Young at Art Museum in Davie, Florida where he was also holding a workshop for children who enjoy art, and has permanent pieces in other galleries, but what is now drawing the greatest attention is the QR codes that he is using to provide his art with enhanced communication with the viewer. These scannable barcodes are featured on a massive mural…

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QR codes to be used on Wyuka Cemetery grave markers

qr codes remembering a loved one

These barcodes will be found on tombstones at the Lincoln location. It has just been released that grave stones in the Wyuka Cemetery, located in Lincoln, Nebraska, will feature QR codes that will allow visitors to scan and discover more about the people who are buried there. Quick response codes have started popping up in burial sites all over the world. The popularity of QR codes for a broad spectrum of different purposes – including everything from memorial sites to magazine ads – has encouraged this cemetery to join the…

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