QR codes have been added to historic sections of Aschersleben cemeteries

QR Codes used on gravestones

The administration of the company has decided to broaden its use of the quick response codes. The Aschersleben cemetery administration has now decided that it will be expanding its listing of QR codes, in a move that is marking graves from World War I, to offer visitors more information. Scanning the quick response codes on the gravestones using a smartphone directs users to a special website. The website makes it possible for visitors to the cemetery to be able to access more than what is carved into the gravestone, with…

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QR codes receive their approval for Anchorage columbarium wall

Anchorage Memorial Park Cemetery QR codes

The quick response codes have now been permitted for use in the notches of the wall at the public cemetery. While QR codes are most commonly associated with their use in mobile marketing and have been found in some of the oddest places, they are becoming increasingly popular on grave markers, where it is impossible to add more than the most basic information about a deceased individual. The city assembly in Anchorage have now unanimously voted in favor of allowing quick response codes in the public cemetery. This will allow…

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QR codes to be used on Wyuka Cemetery grave markers

qr codes remembering a loved one

These barcodes will be found on tombstones at the Lincoln location. It has just been released that grave stones in the Wyuka Cemetery, located in Lincoln, Nebraska, will feature QR codes that will allow visitors to scan and discover more about the people who are buried there. Quick response codes have started popping up in burial sites all over the world. The popularity of QR codes for a broad spectrum of different purposes – including everything from memorial sites to magazine ads – has encouraged this cemetery to join the…

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QR codes could be a major boon for the family services business

QR Codes Grave Stones

The success of QR codes in the marketing business is sending ripples through many industries. Recently, the codes have been showing up on gravestones at cemeteries. Given the light-hearted uses of the codes thus far, this may seem quite morbid. High-Definition Genealogy, a company specializing in genealogy services, believes that this use of the codes is a very good way to remember those that have passed. The company attended the RootsTech Family History & Technology Conference last week in Salt Lake City, Utah, where founder Thomas MacEntee noted the various…

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