New breed of online QR code generator coming from Unitag

QR Code Generator

These days, online QR code generators are a dime a dozen. Such platforms can be found all over the Internet, often being provided from companies making use of the codes themselves. The vast majority of generators, however, are not exactly noteworthy, being that they are all, essentially, identical.  Since the creation of the codes in the 90’s, they have become incredibly popular amongst marketers. The codes have been tweaked and changed over time to deviate from their traditional black and white patters. Given that the codes can be aesthetically augmented…

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Lender’s QR code campaign designed to connect offline with online

Security One Lending, a company that specializes in reverse mortgages, introduced their latest initiative making use of QR codes. The codes will be featured on the company’s print and online advertisements and will help their customers obtain a better overall experience. Security One hopes to close the gap between their online and offline endeavors through use of the codes, a trend more companies are following as mobile technology becomes more prominent. The company’s loan officers will be able to connect with clients that use the codes, guiding them to the mobile…

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New to the world of quick response code?

How To Scan a QR Code

  QR Codes may finally be breaking out to main stream services. More and more web design services are embracing Social Media and adding it into their web business. This now includes QR Codes. QR stands for quick response, because it will transfer data between electronic gadgets faster than normal bar codes. QR Codes are small, black and white squares that look like a barcode. They can hold over seven thousand characters of numeric code, over four thousand characters of alphanumeric code or almost three thousand characters of binary code.…

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United States is warming up to QR Codes: Usage on a huge up tick

Japan is known for being the king and birthplace of the QR code usage but U.S. companies are increasing product awareness with huge market campaigns that have awakened a hunger for more. The marketing possibilities of this two dimensional code are now being used in movie trailers, as seen with Disney’s campaign to promote Tron, all the way to nonprofit organizations in an attempt to increase donations.  In a report from Scanlife, an industry leader in mobile code readers, U.S. citizens scanning has doubled during the holiday season from the…

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