Mobike QR codes should be checked for fake replacements

Mobike qr codes bicycle

Scammers in China are placing their quick response codes on top of the popular bike rental barcodes. Mobike QR codes are now among the growing number of quick response codes that should be checked for imposters before being scanned. Scammers have been reportedly replacing the genuine bike rental barcodes with their own scannable code stickers. When unsuspecting bike renters scan the QR codes, they end up paying into the scammer’s account. Certain Mobike QR codes have been carefully replaced with a sticker over top of the legitimate barcode. When a…

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QR codes are becoming central to the battle against fraud

qr codes business card

There are a range of counterfeit educational certificates circulating in India and quick response codes could combat this trend. Aside from the primary use for QR codes, which is in mobile marketing, these two dimensional barcodes have also found their way into a range of different verification processes that have given consumers and businesses, alike, the opportunity to use their smartphones and tablets to ensure that a product or document is the genuine article. As counterfeit products and documentation become more sophisticated, a simple verification solution is needed. Among the…

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QR codes are finding their way into criminal scams

tourist qr codes scanner

Authorities have cautioned the public to watch out for a new form of mobile security fraud using quick response codes. Authorities from countries around the world are cautioning the public to pay attention to the QR codes that they are scanning and downloading when they are in public places, as certain versions can present a mobile security threat. It has been found that criminal gangs in China have been using a bogus quick response codes for devious purposes. A Chinese language newspaper, the United Daily News, has reported that the…

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QR codes face clickjacking security issues

QR codes cyber crime

Cybercriminals are adding stickers over genuine quick response codes to redirect traffic to sketchy sites. QR codes have just started to take off as smartphone and tablet users scan them more frequently, which has meant that those with questionable values have seen this as an opportunity to get their dirty fingers into the mix. Device users are being cautioned to carefully check to make certain the barcodes are authentic. The practice of “clickjacking” is on the grow, and nasty individuals are placing stickers with QR codes over the genuine barcodes…

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