Dita Von Teese weaving QR codes into her clothing line

qr code clothing dress

Dita Von Teese clothing line will feature QR codes Dita Von Teese, an acclaimed costume designer, author, and burlesque dancer, recently launched a new clothing line bearing her famous name. Von Teese has had significant experience in the realm of fashion and this experience reflects in her clothing line, but her designs are meant to be much more interactive than typical clothing. This is because Von Teese is hand sewing QR codes into each of her pieces, hoping to give people a chance to experience something new with her clothing…

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How is the fashion industry using technology these days

The Internet is becoming ever more integrated with reality as technology continues to advance. The ability to be everywhere at any given moment has taken the prestige out of attending popular events in person, particularly in the fashion world. The fashion industry has always been avant-garde, often on the cutting edge of the latest trends whether they are clothing or technology. As technology progresses, the industry is looking to take advantage of everyone’s omnipresence. Earlier this month, Burberry drew a lot of attention by streaming its autumn catwalk show live.…

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Retailer giant gives a backstage pass to shoppers

Macy’s is without doubt the most popular department store known worldwide. As part of its new campaign it launched a new way for shoppers to connect with it through their mobile phones, giving their customers a special backstage pass to info not made available until now.  Macy’s new campaign coined, “Backstage Pass”, is the store’s way of bringing on the spot advice to shoppers concerning its latest tips, designs, fashion and products for spring. Making this move even smarter, Macy’s has selected two of the fastest methods of connecting with…

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