QR codes now help warship engineers

ship boat aircraft carrier qr codes

These quick response codes will now provide details through warship construction maps. A team from BAE Systems that have been working on the latest series of aircraft carriers in the Queen Elizabeth Class have now created another novel use for QR codes that will provide practical details to engineers. The quick response codes are simply printed onto stickers that are stuck to the ship skeletons. This allows engineers to scan these QR codes and be able to find their way around the tremendous three dimensional construction sites that can be…

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QR codes used to assist customers with Purite cartridge changes

QR Codes

The barcodes link people to videos that provide them with the instructions that they need. Purite has just announced the latest enhancement that it has made to its product and customer support, through the use of QR codes that lead to innovative and yet easy to use videos that demonstrate the way that cartridges can be properly changed. These videos are tutorials for the replacement of water purification cartridges to make sure that it is done correctly. The system of using the QR codes is quite simple, as they are…

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