QR codes are now in the form of graffiti art

QR codes graffiti art

The new design is being used in the hope of sharing a more effective message than the standard. The traditional form of QR codes – that is, the type that look like black and white pixilated squares – are found virtually everywhere, these days, but their appearance doesn’t always suit every form of situation in which they could be highly usable. In graffiti art, for instance, the shape of the barcode and the way they are used doesn’t necessarily translate. Though QR codes are now quite recognizable among many smartphone…

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Yiying Lu brings QR codes to the periodic table

QR Code Periodic Table

Walls 360 introduces new QR coded Periodic Table digital design Walls 360, a creator of on-demand wall graphics lead by artist Yiying Lu, has released a series of new wall graphics designed with education in mind. Yiying Lu, acclaimed creator of Twitter’s “Fail Whale,” designed the new wall graphics. The periodic table of elements is featured in one of the designs from Lu, who notes that the graphics are fully interactive and contain digital content that can be accessed through smart phone. Yiying Lu aims to provide tech-savvy youth with…

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Visualead – Changing the look of QR codes

Hot Sale QR Code

Visualead service aims to revolutionize the way QR codes are used in designs QR codes have become well established in the world of marketing. The codes have made it possible for companies to enjoy dynamic engagement with consumers. QR codes are simple, black and white patterns in which can be embedded an assortment of digital content. One of the most significant complaints regarding the codes coming from advertisers is their unattractive appearance and how QR codes clash with otherwise beautiful advertisements. Visualead, a new online company offering QR code-related services,…

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