Silversea has added QR codes to its latest print marketing

QR codes Cruise Lines

The cruise line has now added quick response codes to its brochures to broaden its advertising experience. Silversea Cruises has now announced that, for the very first time, it has now added QR codes to the brochures that it has started to release for its upcoming season of marketing. These barcodes will make it possible for smartphone users to rapidly learn more about the offerings. The QR codes can now be found on the brochures that Silversea has printed for its 2015 to 2016 season. The idea is to make…

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QR codes within 3D images help consumers find deals

With the ever increasing popularity of QR codes, the technology is always being used for new and innovative applications. Among the most recent is the use of QR codes for three dimensional hologram generation. The Marketing Ad Group has announced that it has achieved incorporation of QR codes into the message from its Holographic Greeter/Concierge. When these two types of technology were brought together, the outcome was the display of a holographic image displayed upon a cut-out that is life-size. The result is that the Holographic Greeter can be displayed…

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