QR codes for book reviews help educator win award

mobile qr codes in library

A man in Sidney, Nebraska has now won the Unsung Heroes award with these barcodes. An elementary instructor from Sidney, Nebraska has just won the Unsung Heroes award after having created a new method of technology based book reviews that employ QR codes to provide access to the works. The teacher was one of 100 winners of the award from across the United States. Rick Meyer, a K-6 tech facilitator and instructor from North Elementary was among 100 winners nationwide and was among only three of the winning teachers who…

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QR codes make book reports easier to share

qr code enrollment at school and library

Students at a Niagara Falls school have made their work available to read simply by way of a scan using a smartphone. The students in a Niagara Falls classroom are not only writing the traditional form of book report, but they are also making their work and their reviews available to anyone with a smartphone, by issuing QR codes to be scanned in order to view them. This is another example of technology making its way into the classroom to broaden the interest of students. In this instance, it is…

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