Ensogo daily deals service begins Bangkok QR code campaign

QR Code Advertising

Ensogo, the largest daily deal site in Thailand (acquired by Living Social earlier this year for an amount that has not yet been disclosed) has announced the launch of their new billboard campaign in Bangkok which uses QR codes. The ads can be found at Thonglor BTS station, which is a location favored by the jet-set in the city. The boards are nothing more than a number of QR codes that promote luxury product and service deal promotions, such as those for golf clubs, vacations, etc. This is quite the…

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University of Bristol launches new QR code campaign to show students the benefits of studying abroad

qr codes

The United Kingdom’s University of Bristol has launched a new QR code campaign to promote alternative places of study around the world. The campaign revolves around the fabled Clifton Suspension Bridge, located in the city of Bristol. The bridge has been a landmark in the UK for the past 150 years and the university has recreated the bridge’s likeness for their latest campaign. Using QR codes, the University of Bristol has rebuilt a portion of the Clifton Bridge and plastered the image on a billboard. The billboards can be found…

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Trumpia adds QR codes as a major new part of its mobile marketing offerings

Mobile Commerce News

Leading Multi-Channel Marketing and Messaging solution provider, Trumpia, has announced that it will be adding quick response (QR) code functionality to its offerings on its all-in-one platform, which already includes mobile email, text, IM, voice broadcast, and social media. It is Trumpia’s hope that this will help their clients to achieve faster and better response rates from their online advertising and marketing efforts. Trumpia lets businesses and advertising agencies (both digital and traditional) create their own QR codes with a simple to use, self-service website. Marketers can use the generated…

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Brigham Young University Students Bring QR Codes to Campus

Two students at the Brigham Young University in Utah have found a new use for QR codes. Tom Johnson, a law student at the university, along with his sister-in-law, Emily Peterson, have been posting codes all over the campus. The pair has posted the codes in places they think will get the most attention from tech-savvy students. When scanned, the code reveals details about a flash mob event that will occur on campus. Flash mobs are a seemingly spontaneous gathering of people to act out a scripted scene or event.…

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Common mistakes made with QR Code campaigns

QR codes are becoming more popular all over the world. Once thought to be a tool for businesses, they are now being used by several non-profit and governmental organizations as a means of promoting their message. They have been used successfully in a number of initiatives to raise awareness on environmental and health issues as well as well as a means of offering public transit information. While they have been something of a phenomenon, the codes are only as good as the content they are linked to. Something that the…

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