Temkin Group survey shows 24% of U.S. consumers use QR codes


Awareness of QR codes may be lacking for majority of U.S. consumers, according to new survey. The Temkin Group, a customer experience research and consulting firm, has released the results of its Q1 2012 Consumer Benchmark Survey. The survey concerns the awareness consumers have of QR codes and how they are using them. QR codes have become popular marketing tools with many businesses deciding to adopt them as a means to connect with tech-savvy consumers. While many people have responded well to QR code marketing, the majority of consumers in…

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NFC and QR codes to help mobile marketing grow to new heights

Mobile Marketing

  Interactive mobile marketing is becoming more important as consumers grow more mobile. Smart phones and other such devices have enabled people to enjoy a constant connection to the Internet no matter where they may be in the world. Because consumers are becoming less sedentary, static marketing may no longer be the best options for companies launching new marketing campaigns. Attention is being drawn to technologies like NFC and QR codes, but some companies believe that these are nothing more than a novelty. A new report from Smith’s Point Analytics,…

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GMO Japan Market Intelligence shows QR codes are popular in East Asian markets

QR Code Statistics

QR code usage – still room to grow. QR code awareness is a somewhat serious issue for marketers looking to reach out to mobile consumers. The codes have been very proficient in helping establish the mobile marketing industry, but many consumers around the world are still unfamiliar with the black and white blocky patterns. Indeed, consumer awareness of the codes is believed to be quite rare outside of Japan. This may not be the case, however, according to a new survey from GMO Japan Market Intelligence, a business and market research…

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Consumer awareness of QR codes still lacking, may divide the marketing industry

Consumer awareness of QR codes seems to be lacking in the U.S. Recently, USA Today reporter Jefferson Graham visited the set of CBS’ Let’s Make A Deal where he surveyed the audience on what they knew about the blocky codes. Not surprisingly, Graham found that only 30% of the audience knew about the codes and had used them before. The other 70% did not know that the codes existed at all. Graham’s findings, though limited in scope, are backed by recent reports from comScore, a market research firm, regarding QR…

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Scanning can be so heavenly….

Quick Response codes are a powerful promotional tool. They have been used by several companies all over the world to enthrall consumers and provide them with a dynamic experience with their various services. As the codes gain in popularity, more organizations have begun using them. Recently, a number of churches have been utilizing the codes as a means to provide additional engagement to parishioners. As attendees continue to make use of technology in their daily lives, churches are keen to adapt with the changing times. Edmond’s First Baptist Church in…

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