QR codes make their way into intricate art forms

QR codes - Jonathan Bréchignac - the carpet site screencap

A French artist has just worked the barcodes into an extremely involved blue and ultraviolet ink design. An artist from France named Jonathan Bréchignac has created a fascinating artistic design using Bic pens (in blue) and Ultraviolet ink, and has worked QR codes into the mix in order to add an additional mobile element to his incredible piece. This highly intricate design has taken a tremendous amount of effort and was all done by hand. The complex design, which he entitled “Ultraviolet – The Blue Carpet” features four different QR…

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QR codes in Scottish art make their way into Union Gallery

Trevor Jones, QR Code Art

The smartphone barcodes will be a part of an abstract art exhibition in the Edinburgh landmark. Technology and QR codes are an increasingly popular in Scotland as well as around the world, so their inclusion in a recent abstract art exhibition at the Union Gallery located on Broughton Street in Edinburgh. Trevor Jones, a local artist from the Scottish capital city, is the man behind the artwork. The artist’s pieces consist of abstract paintings that can also be used as QR codes, which are fully functional. When viewers with smartphones…

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Artist uses smartphone to get around censorship for nudity

QR code Art

A photographer with a specialization in images of nude forms has discovered a way to use smartphone technology in order to avoid nude censorship of one of his pieces which is on display at Fredericton city hall. The artist’s name is Jeff Crawford, and he received an invitation to display his art as a part of an artwork exhibit during the summer series for the Artists-in-Residence of the Fredericton Arts Alliance. Crawford’s submission was a photograph which was entitled “Emersion”. It featured a woman lying in a stream in the…

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