QR codes find themselves mixed into controversial London artwork

banksy mural calais refugee camp tea gas qr codes

A new piece by Banksy has criticized the use of teargas in a refugee camp located in Calais. Banksy has now completed a new artwork in the form of a mural that has used symbolism and QR codes in order to criticize the use of teargas in the Calais refugee camp that is known as the “Jungle.” The mural appeared on the French embassy in London and has drawn massive attention to the issue. The piece, itself, uses the well known image of the young girl from the musical and…

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QR codes enhance Estrella Art Show

QR codes school library smartphone barcodes

An art intern implemented quick response codes to help to broaden the experience to event guests. When an art intern took part in the organization of the Estrella Art Show and was acting as docent, it was decided that QR codes were one of the best ways to help visitors to the event to be able to access a larger amount of information about the pieces that they were viewing. Guests to the student art show were able to not only view the artwork, but to learn a great deal…

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QR codes are the center of Bitcoin-inspired digital artwork

QR Codes Art

Quick response codes are now a part of pieces of art that have been created to be smartphone friendly. A company based on the Isle of Man, called CrypArt has now started on a new goal of using QR codes as a part of the artworks that it creates, making it possible for those pieces to be able to contain hidden messages that can be revealed through the use of smartphone scans. The messages contained in the quick response codes can contain everything from text to bitcoin wallets. This all…

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Student in Japan creates chalk QR codes for random URL choice

Ryutaro Nonomura japan politician qr codes

The pupil used clear artistic skill to create the quick response code on a chalkboard, but without much direction. A student in Japan has gone to a considerable amount of effort and has used a significant amount of time to meticulously create QR codes on a classroom chalkboard, and despite the considerable achievement of creating this barcode by hand, the URL to which it was linked caused him to face a notable amount of criticism from peers. Quick response codes are usually digitally generated and printed out because of their…

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QR codes make their way into intricate art forms

QR codes - Jonathan Bréchignac - the carpet site screencap

A French artist has just worked the barcodes into an extremely involved blue and ultraviolet ink design. An artist from France named Jonathan Bréchignac has created a fascinating artistic design using Bic pens (in blue) and Ultraviolet ink, and has worked QR codes into the mix in order to add an additional mobile element to his incredible piece. This highly intricate design has taken a tremendous amount of effort and was all done by hand. The complex design, which he entitled “Ultraviolet – The Blue Carpet” features four different QR…

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