Number of adult American QR code users increases by 1 percent since 2010

QR code

A new Forrester Research study’s findings have been released, and they show that among American adults, 5 percent are using QR codes with their smartphone devices. This is an increase of 1 percent over last year’s figures. When compared to the adoption by consumers, QR code reading software has grown significantly more quickly, while at the same time the adoption of the codes by companies using the 2 dimensional barcodes as a part of their marketing strategy has grown at a notably slower rate. According to Julie Ask, the author…

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Radisson launches new social media marketing campaign driven by QR codes

Radisson Edwardian Hotel Chain QR Code Campaign

  Social media is universally recognizable. More people are connected to some form of social network than ever before, partly due to the expansion of mobile technology. The extreme popularity of social media sites has never been more apparent to businesses that are beginning to adapt to a changing world, both socially and technologically. Now social networks have become a popular venue for marketing campaigns, particularly those looking to capitalize on interactivity through the use of QR codes. Radisson Edwardian, a prominent hotel chain in the UK, is one such…

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Winq makes QR codes a part of the cloud

Winq Mobile App

As news of Apple’s iCloud platform spreads around the world, more developers are making applications that aim to synergize with the system. The iCloud will be an extensive cloud-computing network that will allow for iPhone, iPad and iTouch users to connect and share information wirelessly. A new mobile application for the iPhone seeks to leverage QR codes with the seamless connectivity of iCloud. Known as Winq, the application is the first program from developer iNdevour. Winq is essentially a QR code generator in the palm of your hand. Using the…

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QR codes help breathe new life into the library system

Librarys Love QR Codes

Some argue that QR codes will never make it here in the U.S., that we don’t have the same love as Japan does for the codes, but still we keep seeing them pop up everywhere, especially in government run agencies like your local library. While many speculate their success, others keep on churning out new QR code campaigns due to the low cost nature of them, the ability to use tracking systems and the potential of delivering more information to patrons. One of the latest to join the ranks of…

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New enterprise with fresh opportunity for all types of businesses

AngelPad, a platform connecting ambitious startups with enterprising investors, held another of their famous Demo Days yesterday. Thirteen promising companies, ranging from car insurance to search engine startups, were presented to more than 100 potential investors. The thirteen were chosen from amongst a pool of more than 800 applicants. A number of companies that were represented at AngelPad’s Demo Day made use of QR codes. Many marketers are beginning to rely on the codes as a way to engage consumers as mobile technology becomes a more integrated part of their…

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