Mobile commerce and marketing organization expanding into North America

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Proxama has announced plans to expand into the North American market Proxama, a leading mobile marketing firm, has announced that it will be expanding its global reach by launching new operations in North America. Demand for effective mobile marketing services has been on the rise among businesses throughout North America. These businesses are looking to engage with mobile consumers more effectively, and Proxama aims to satisfy this demand with the services that it provides. Company’s mobile platforms may become powerful tools for businesses Over the past few years, Proxama has…

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Proxama and Hot Source team to push mobile marketing forward

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News on mobile marketing… As NFC technology grows more popular around the world, companies specializing in the technology and mobile marketing are coming together to ensure their place in an expanding industry. Proxama, a developer of NFC technology and mobile marketing firm, has announced its partnership with Hot Source, a digital marketing company based in the United Kingdom. Together, the companies will work to expand the reach of mobile marketing through the use of NFC tags and a new mobile marketing platform that was unveiled at the Near Field Norwich event…

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NFC World Alliance combines the world’s leading technology firms to expand the reach of NFC

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NFC technology is becoming the cornerstone of mobile commerce. As the champion of the emerging industry, NFC technology has been attracting a great deal of attention all over the world as companies scramble to etch out their claim in an industry whose value ranks in the billions of dollars. As more companies begin to enter the field, those that have been in the industry for several years are taking note of growing competition. Now, three of the world’s leading NFC specialists are coming together to form a new coalition that…

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