Companies still struggling with using QR codes effectively, with many focused on appearance rather than functionality

Mobile Marketing QR Codes

Advertising and technology have long enjoyed a cooperative relationship. As mobile technology becomes more advanced, however, this relationship is changing and advertising is becoming more entangled and reliant on the prowess of technology. Perhaps the most influential piece of technology that has come to the world of marketing is the QR code. The codes have changed the way marketers interact with a new generation of consumer, opening the way for constant connection at any time and wherever they may be. While QR codes have shown themselves to be a useful…

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PRINT2D launched new education initiative to help companies understand how to use QR codes effectively

QR Code Printing

As businesses grow increasingly interested in mobile marketing, some have been having trouble incorporating QR codes successfully into their marketing plans. At a glance, QR codes are deviously simple. This inherent simplicity has led many companies into thinking that the codes they generate online are ready to use on any medium. This often means that QR codes are not as successful as companies would hope, which could damage the reputation of the codes and their usefulness. In an effort to remedy this problem, PRINT2D, a mobile website and designer barcode…

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