NFC Forum issues global call for innovative NFC-related projects

NFC Technology

The NFC Forum, a non-profit industry association that promotes universal standards regarding the use of NFC technology, has issued a worldwide call to technology developers, inviting them to participate in the upcoming Tap into Innovation NFC Global Competition 2012. The association is looking for promising new projects that could advance the use of NFC technology. The group is anticipating a wide variety of entries into the competition that cover a number of different industries. NFC technology is becoming a major force in the worlds of commerce and marketing. The technology…

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Olympic Games may be the proving ground for NFC mobile commerce

2012 Olympics

The 2012 Olympic Games in London may become a fervent proving ground for mobile commerce. The UK is in full swing in preparing for the Summer Games and has targeted contactless payments as a viable way of crowd control and convenience. Several telecommunications and financial services companies are working together to promote NFC technology throughout Europe and are hoping that the technology takes root with foreign leaders as they visit the UK. Apple, Visa and Nokia will all be present for the Summer Games to promote NFC-driven mobile commerce. The…

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Kmart and Sears launch new mobile commerce campaign powered by QR codes

mobile shopping walls

QR coded mobile stores are quickly becoming a very popular trend in the retail circuit. These stores are often set up in high traffic areas, such as train stations and air ports. Earlier this year, retail giant Tesco launched the first mobile store in South Korea. The store was somewhat successful, leading to other retailers in Germany to follow suit. Now, the stores are coming to the U.S. thanks to Sears and Kmart. Both retailers will be deploying what they call “mobile shopping walls” in air ports, malls and movie…

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