New mobile app privacy guidelines released for comment by the Mobile Marketing Association

Mobile App Builder

The head trade association for the mobile industry worldwide, the Mobile Marketing Association, has announced that it has released a document called the “MMA Mobile Application Privacy Policy” , for public comment. It contains the first-ever set of guidelines for the basic data processes and privacy issues pertaining to mobile apps. According to Greg Stuart, the CEO of MMA Global, the guidelines issued by the organization for public comment will address an urgent requirement for all businesses that are active in the mobile marketing industry. They are meant to offer…

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Northern state in Germany prohibits Facebook pages and website “like” buttons

Facebook downvote social media marketing

The Independent Center for Privacy Protection (ULD), located in Schleswig-Holstein, a state in the north of Germany, has demanded that websites take down their Facebook pages, and that they eliminate any Facebook “like” buttons located on their websites. The website owning businesses were given a deadline of September 1, 2011 by which to comply to this demand, or they will be required to pay fines as high as €50,000 (approximately $72,000). Commissioner Thilo Weichert of the ULD in Schleswig-Holstein, stated that a plugin used by the social network, which permits…

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Mobile device data capacity leads to tremendous security risks

Mobile Security

According to experts, the data capacity and portability of mobile devices are bringing about a series of significant security issues. Assistant vice president of Aon Risk Solutions, Sarah Stephens, a San-Francisco-based unit of Aon Corp., pointed out that people set the devices down and leave them unattended. That said, the greater the storage capacity of the devices, the more sensitive information is frequently stored within them, and the greater the risk if the device be misplaced or stolen. This was explained by Stephens at the first Cyber & Privacy Risk…

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Mobile privacy…the end or the beginning?

Apple vs Android mobile marketing

Technology is a wonderful thing. In the right hands, technology can create limitless possibilities for the good of mankind. It seems lately, the development of technological devices has run farther ahead, than most of us can keep up with. However, the recent news of Apple and Android collecting data location information on mobile users brought it all to a momentary screeching halt. Face it, we all love our gadgets. Even if we can’t figure out how to make our new phones work right; technology has improved all our lives, to…

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