Porsche and Holoride team up for in-car virtual reality technology

In-car virtual reality - Porsche car wheel

The companies are working together to provide a VR experience in which passengers shoot “bugs”. Porsche is developing what it believes will be a new way to keep child passengers of its vehicles’ enthusiasts entertained using an in-car virtual reality experience. The kids of visitors to the automaker’s Experience Centers wear VR goggles and shoot bugs. Admittedly, it is likely that it will keep some of the adult visitors to the center entertained as well, as the in-car virtual reality tech isn’t exclusively a child-focused experience, even if kids are…

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Porsche adopts QR codes in new marketing campaign

Porsche QR Code Campaign

Prestigious automaker Porsche has decided to take up QR codes in their latest marketing campaign. The new campaign sees the automaker teaming with a number of airlines to place the codes on the back of plane tickets. QR codes have been growing in popularity within the auto industry for their ability to connect with consumers at any given moment. Noting the increase in smart phone ownership around the world, Porsche is keen to take advantage of a growing mobile consumer base. The codes will be linked to a wealth of…

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