Police use mobile technology to identify people

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New gadgets can be used in order to be able to take fingerprint identification from people while in the field. Over the last year and a half, officers from the Napa County Sheriff’s Office have been using mobile technology in the form of fingerprint taking gadgets throughout many parts of the county. This mobile gadget has two different capabilities that can be very convenient to the officers who use them. These two functions for the mobile technology include electronic ticketing as well as fingerprint identification that can occur on the…

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QR codes in Germany make it easier to pay parking fines

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The quick response codes help drivers to be able to pay their tickets quickly and easily. In Lübeck, a new system of parking ticketing through the use of QR codes is making it possible for drivers to be able to simply scan a barcode with their smartphones and pay for their tickets directly out of their bank accounts. At the moment, the system is working for only certain bank customers, but the intention is to expand. The Lübeck police are now armed with ticketing devices that print unique QR codes…

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