QR code used by Canadian police to find killers

QR code used to catch a killer

The hope is that smartphone users will identify an “important” witness to a teen’s murder. At a press conference, police in Gatineau, Quebec, Canada have released a QR code that they hope will give the smartphone using public the ability to help them to track down the killer of 18 year old Valerie Leblanc, whose body was discovered on August 23, 2011. The hope is that the quick response barcode will encourage people to view the sketch of a possible witness. Scanning the QR code will direct smartphone users to…

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West Midlands police in the UK use QR codes to catch suspects


Police from West Midlands in the UK are using QR codes for a suspect gallery. The West Midlands Police have announced that they are giving smartphone users a whole new way to take part in the fight against crime by encouraging them to scan a QR code that leads them to a “rogues gallery” of various suspects that are currently wanted by that force. Those police have come up with various billboards that include the barcodes that can be easily scanned using mobile devices such as smartphones and tablet computers.…

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QR codes a big hit with law enforcement agencies in Florida

Boca Raton Florida

As QR codes become more mainstream, consumers are growing more comfortable and familiar with the black and white, blocky patterns. People most often see these codes in association with marketing campaigns from companies looking to engage mobile consumers. In Florida, however, the codes are much more than simple advertising tools. Throughout the state, law enforcement agencies are beginning to use to codes to help solve crimes and distribute important information to the public. At the Boca Raton Police Department, the codes are coming in handy as a way to remind…

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