Mobile commerce focused car from Visa takes drive-thru to a new level

online shopping cart mobile commerce

The Connected Car has been designed to make going through the pick-up window a completely different experience. Visa has now revealed that it is working on a new mobile commerce concept that allows a user’s vehicle to take part in the shopping experience, as its Connected Car would make it easier for them to shop and pay for items in a drive-thru setup. In fact, the credit card giant has already managed to find businesses willing to bring the concept to life. Among those who will be taking part in…

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Google Glass could bring millions in savings to KFC and other fast food chains

Fast Food QR codes google glass

These augmented reality glasses have the potential to save companies millions through improved worker efficiency. One of the largest fast food chains in the world, KFC, has recently run a trial using Google Glass, in which its employees were trained to use the device with a software program that was designed to help them to improve their overall efficiency rate. The parent company for that fast food chain, Yum Brands, could reduce its labor costs considerably. The training program that used the Google Glass wearable technology was created by a…

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Mobile commerce is now an important part of Pizza Hut’s revenue

Mobile Commerce pizza

The pizza chain first launched its app in 2009 and now considers it a central element to its earnings. Pizza Hut has always been a technology friendly company, after having been one of the first companies to offer online purchasing and having had a mobile commerce app available for a number of years. This company boasted one of the first online purchases, when it made this option available in 1994. From that point, Pizza Hut has continued to look to technology to help consumers to be able to order their…

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