Toyota adopts QR codes to help customers control their accounts

Toyota Payment App

Toyota Financial Services, the U.S. financing and insurance arm of the automaker, has launched a application for smart phones that aims to bring customers a better experience when managing their accounts online. The company has taken a unique approach to the matter by adopting QR codes, which will allow consumers with quick access to their accounts. Using the app, customers can generate a free, personalized QR code, which can then be printed and attached to anything they can think of. QR codes are becoming a very popular way for companies…

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Looking for your QR Code in something a little more sturdy?

QR codes have become metallic. Metalcraft, a provider of personalized identification nameplates and labels, has announced that they will now be adding the codes to their products upon request. Metalcraft has serviced thousands of businesses throughout the country and is responding to growing demand that says companies must be more invested in mobile technology. To this end, the company is now offering its clients the ability to attribute their labels with QR codes to further engage an increasingly tech-savvy audience. “Our customers were beginning to ask about putting QR codes…

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