Give the gift of cash with Pepsi QR Code campaign “Gift it Forward with Pepsi”

Pepsi QR Code Promotion - Gift it Forward with Pepsi - Official Site

The American beverage and food giant launches promotion in spirt of holiday gift giving. A newly launched Pepsi QR code scratch-off promotion has been launched for the holiday season, and the campaign is all about giving the gift of cash, either to a friend, a charity or you can keep the money for yourself. Scan quick response codes for the chance to win money. To take part in the Pepsi QR code holiday campaign called “Gift it Forward with Pepsi,” consumers simply need to scan QR codes on specially marked…

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Pepsi plans to market mobile technology and accessories in Chinese market

Pepsi social media marketing mobile technology

The company best known for its soft drinks will soon be offering gadgets and peripherals in China. PepsiCo has now announced that it has entered into a deal with a licensing partner in order to allow it to market a line of mobile technology devices and accessories within the Chinese marketplace. This deal will bring the sales of these devices to Chinese consumers in a few months from now. While Pepsi did make it clear that it doesn’t have any intention of getting into the manufacture of smartphones as a…

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Pepsi creates a “Time Tunnel” with augmented reality technology

pepsi time tunnel augmented reality

The marketers (dubbed “pranksters” by some) at the soft drink company have struck again in the U.K. Last week, Pepsi launched a new augmented reality campaign under the cold and wintery London Bridge tunnels, which gave quite a surprise to some of the commuters traveling through on their way to and from work. Pepsi Max U.K. has launched several prank marketing campaigns of this nature in London While previous augmented reality campaigns by Pepsi have involved bus shelters that have frightened and amused commuters with the appearance of zombie attacks…

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NFC technology based mobile marketing lifts Pepsi’s sales

nfc technology chip

This new high tech campaign has allowed consumers to use their smartphones to take part in a promotion. A pilot mobile marketing campaign was recently conducted by PepsiCo through Rehrig Pacific, a logistics company, using NFC technology to encourage shoppers to scan a tag in order to take advantage of a discount offer when purchasing one of the brand’s products. The smartphone user simply needed to tap their enabled device on one of the soda bottle display trays. This use of NFC technology provided consumers with instant access to a…

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Augmented reality and social media begin to blend

augmented reality research

Augmented reality may be what social media needs Social media has become an essential component of nearly every major brand in the world. Businesses rely heavily on social media as a way to engage consumers that are constantly connected to sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Pintrest. Many consumers have been hooked on social media sites for several years and are beginning to itch for new experiences. As such, the demand for heightened interactivity between consumers and brands is growing, especially as a new generation of tech-savvy individuals begins to saturate…

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