NFC technology based mobile marketing lifts Pepsi’s sales

nfc technology chip

This new high tech campaign has allowed consumers to use their smartphones to take part in a promotion. A pilot mobile marketing campaign was recently conducted by PepsiCo through Rehrig Pacific, a logistics company, using NFC technology to encourage shoppers to scan a tag in order to take advantage of a discount offer when purchasing one of the brand’s products. The smartphone user simply needed to tap their enabled device on one of the soda bottle display trays. This use of NFC technology provided consumers with instant access to a…

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NFC technology used on Tokyo smart ad sticker campaign

Pepsi social media marketing mobile technology

The new “Out of Home” advertisements for Pepsi products are displayed on city subways. Tokyo commuters taking the subway will now have a new way to keep themselves occupied while learning about Pepsi products, through a new campaign using NFC technology on stickers. Consumers with compatible smartphones have been using the “Pepsi Special” stickers since Nov. 16. The campaign is considered to be an experiment by Tokyu Agency, Inc., which has launched the campaign on behalf of Pepsi and Suntory Beverage and Food, Ltd. The NFC technology has been integrated…

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