PayPal POS QR codes move ahead on the heels of its “strongest” quarter

PayPal POS QR Codes - QR Code on mobile phone

The company has been making substantial plays to take large steps into physical points of sale. A new PayPal POS QR codes strategy was unveiled last week to help bring the company into a broader in-person shopping experience. The digital and mobile payments company is seeking to capture a larger number of transactions. These new PayPal POS QR codes have been announced on the heels of the company’s best ever recorded quarter. Though it has previously made moves to enter into physical points of sale, the San Jose, California-based business…

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PayPal backs their new mobile payments wallet platform with QR codes

paypal mobile payments app - money2020

The goal of the service is to be able to provide a smooth and seamless omni-channel experience. At the 2013 Money2020 event in Las Vegas, the vice president of retail and prepaid products at PayPal, Don Kingsborough, provided the team from QR Code Press with considerable insight into the goals and future of the service in the smartphone and tablet sphere. Kingsborough referred to the use of these devices as “connected commerce”, which offers notable convenience. Speaking on that subject, he explained that mobile payments as a part of connected…

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QR codes used by PayPal in new window shopping service

  The mobile commerce and payments options from the company have undergone another expansion. PayPal has just announced their latest launch with QR codes that are designed to help the company to take on brick and mortar shops on an international level, through its latest “Shop and Pay on the Go” service. This new program will be rolling out for the first time in the Netherlands, and broadening from there. The service has been nicknamed “window shopping 2.0”, and uses QR codes that customers can scan using their smartphones. The…

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