CVS to use pharmacy QR code to accept PayPal and Venmo payments

Pharmacy QR code - CVS Pharmacy

Customers can now use a touch-free digital checkout process at 8,200 of the store’s locations. CVS Pharmacy, CVS Health’s retail division, announced that customers can use pharmacy QR code payments to check out touch-free using PayPal or Venmo. The barcodes are available to be used at 8,200 of the retailer’s standalone locations across the country. These pharmacy QR code payments make it possible for customers to shop in-store and pay for their items without having to sign a receipt or come in contact with a keypad. This allows them to…

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PayPal contactless QR code payments feature allows in-person touchless transactions

Contactless QR code payments - PayPal app

A new in-app feature makes it possible for quick response barcodes to facilitate purchases. PayPal is rolling out contactless QR code payments that use barcode scans to complete transactions for easy buying and selling. This will allow transactions to be completed in person but without making physical contact. The contactless QR code payments will be rolling out in the official PayPal app for safe and secure in-person transactions. It is rolling out in 28 markets around the world. Moreover, for a limited time, PayPal is waiving the transaction fees typically…

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New PayPal in-store mobile payments option to roll out in 2020

PayPal in-store mobile payments - paying with smartphone

Sometime next year, the online payments company is gearing up to launch in-store payments solutions. A new PayPal in-store mobile payments initiative has been revealed by the company’s CEO Dan Schulman. According to Business Insider, Schulman recently said in an interview with Axios that a digital wallet for physical stores that uses near field communications (NFC) and quick response (QR) code technology, could be part of the upcoming PayPal in-store payments solution. PayPal sees new value in the potential of offering such as system. This won’t be the first time…

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Mobile payments firm, Paydiant, to be sold to PayPal

paypal venmo mobile payments

This acquisition has been announced as the competition from Google and Apple continues to rise. The PayPal unit at eBay has now announced that they will be purchasing the mobile payments company, Paydiant, as it works to enhance its strength in the market while competition continues to grow in the in-store environment, particularly from large players such as Google and Apple. The deal will provide PayPal with immediate access to the businesses who are already using Paydiant tech. Those businesses include a large number of customers ranging from Subway to…

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NFC technology still a possibility for PayPal

NFC Technology Mobile Payments Infrastructure

The online payments service has not given up on near field communications despite statements from eBay. Even though PayPal’s parent company, eBay, has brushed off NFC technology in the past, according to Adrian Christie, a spokesperson for the company, it has not entirely given up on it as a potential mobile payments option. Christie is the head of PayPal’s PR and communications and says the eBay subsidiary is still considering it. Earlier this year, when the results of the second quarter for the subsidiary payments company were being announced, John…

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