Mobile apps make it easier for consumers to digitize gift cards and receipts

Mobile apps payments

This allows shoppers to use their smartphones to organize their purchases – past and future. There are already mobile apps to help with just about everything, and now organizing shopping has been added to the list, with applications that are assisting shoppers in their ability to keep on top of their receipts – in case returns or exchanges are needed – and gift cards. These easy to use applications allow a smartphone to keep purchasing options and records all in one place. These types of mobile apps could help to…

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Winq makes QR codes a part of the cloud

Winq Mobile App

As news of Apple’s iCloud platform spreads around the world, more developers are making applications that aim to synergize with the system. The iCloud will be an extensive cloud-computing network that will allow for iPhone, iPad and iTouch users to connect and share information wirelessly. A new mobile application for the iPhone seeks to leverage QR codes with the seamless connectivity of iCloud. Known as Winq, the application is the first program from developer iNdevour. Winq is essentially a QR code generator in the palm of your hand. Using the…

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