Ooredoo joins ambitious mobile commerce initiative

mobile commerce middle east

Ooredoo is now part of the Mobile Money Interoperability program Ooredoo, a mobile operator in Qatar, has announced that it is committing itself to the GSMA Mobile Money Interoperability program. This program brings together mobile operators from around the world to focus on making mobile commerce more universal. The demand for mobile money services has begun to rise rapidly as more consumers base their lives on mobile technology. In the Middle East, mobile commerce is on its way to become a major force in the local economy, calling attention to…

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Internet speed has a major influence on mobile commerce

mobile commerce internet speed

Mobile Internet gaining more attention in Europe Mobile commerce has been gaining ground throughout Europe, but its adoption may be being slowed by slow Internet connections. Many people have come to rely on their mobile Internet connection, so much so that any device that cannot connect to the Internet is typically ignored by consumers. Exposure to the Internet and the convenience it can offer to the world of commerce has lead to a dramatic rise in the demand for comprehensive mobile commerce services. The problem, however, is that these services…

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Orange announces Galaxy S III users can now make mobile payments

Quick Tap NFC technology service mobile payments service

Orange introduces Quick Tap service into Galaxy S III Orange, one of the largest telecommunications networks in the UK, has announced that customers with Samsung’s Galaxy S III smart phone will now be able to make contactless payments. Orange customers will be able to make use of the NFC capabilities of the mobile device using the company’s Quick Tap service, which was launched through a partnership with Barclaycard last year. Quick Tap is the first commercial mobile payment platform released in the United Kingdom and has, thus far, been well…

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NFC technology may receive a boost through new partnership in Europe

Mobile Commerce Industry

Orange joins NFC Patent Licensing Program France Brevets, an investment fund specializing in patent promotion and monetization in Europe, has announced that Orange, one of the largest telecommunications companies in Europe, has become a strategic partner for the NFC Patent Licensing Program. The program, which was launched earlier this year, aims to make a wide variety of NFC patents available for companies interested in mobile commerce, marketing, and the numerous other applications of NFC technology. Through the program, France Brevets provides these companies with a license that allows them to…

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Orange introduces NFC-enabled SIM cards to France

Mobile Payments NFC Technology

New initiative aimed to promote mobile commerce amongst French consumers Multinational telecommunications company Orange has announced that it will launch a new initiative in its home country of France designed to promote mobile commerce. The company will be behind the nationwide deployment of NFC-enabled SIM cards for mobile devices. These cards will be capable of turning nearly any mobile device into a mobile payment platform. Orange believes that the initiative will help those that do not own NFC-enabled smart phones to gain experience with mobile commerce. NFC-enabled SIM Cards to…

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