How to Build an Effective SEO Team

Whether you’re building a team from scratch, you’re expanding your team, or you’re starting a new online-based business that will rely primarily on SEO, the people who are part of your team are integral to your success.  Building an SEO team will be what could ultimately drive your business growth.  There are technical considerations that come with building a team. For example, you’ll have to create an infrastructure where everyone can securely access the resources they need to do their jobs with minimal friction.  Before you can get to those…

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How To Get More Online Reviews For Your Small Business

Reviews play a crucial role for any business, especially for brand discovery, and must be a key consideration in your marketing efforts. Thus, improving your reviews is crucial if you’re running a small business and want to boost sales. Aside from making your business more credible to your target audience, it’ll also help improve revenue in no time.   Today, search engines utilize online reviews when deciding which businesses to rank in the local search results. It’s also necessary to gain better visibility for your business. Sadly, your business might end…

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How will mobile effect the presidential campaign in 2012

US Political Mobile Media Campaign

Among the strongest elements Obama’s 2008 election campaign was the fact that it used innovative and unique new techniques that applied technology to raise funds from large corporations such as CommerceTel Corp., as well as Verizon Communications, Walt Disney, and other U.S. giants. By using these methods to their fullest for the 2012 campaign, Obama should be able to raise $1 billion this time around. This is because campaigns that embrace the potential that technology has to offer will have a notable advantage over its competition. In the last election,…

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